Saturday, May 8, 2010


So, I actually DID shoot most of my work outfits the other week, per my friend Rebecca's request. (I bet you all thought I flaked out!) And actually, I'm kind of glad I was too busy to go through all the shots right away, because now I can assess what I wore with a little more clarity.

Looking through the photos, I was suddenly struck by how simple all the outfits were.

Here's what I wore on Wednesday— all black with a bright skirt. The one little clever thing I did was pick out stockings that have a chevron pattern, which mimics the pleating on the skirt.

This is Thursday's outfit— a simple black dress, but worn with a cute polka dot blouse underneath to add some fun. The stockings also have polka dots on them which are really subtle.

I wore these shoes, which also have little dots on them.

And here's Friday's outfit. This one is as simple as it gets— a white shirt and blue jeans. Notice how I cleverly disguised this by adding apple red heels and a tweed jacket.

I love this jacket, because from far away it looks brown, but when you really look at the fabric you can see tons of colors. I take this to mean I can wear it with any color that is in the tweed— even if it's just a tiny speck, like the red.

Taking photos of my outfits for a whole week was a really fun exercise, although I don't know how some bloggers shoot what they wear every day. All week I was afraid I'd oversleep, and rush out wearing mismatched socks— and then be forced to post photos of them on my blog!

(W-F photos © Littlehouse of Style)


Prutha said...

love the polka dotted shear shirt

follow if u like what u see?


Elisabeth said...

love the red shoes :)
see u

Rach said...

Those textured tights are lovely! Your week of outfits is interesting, you seem to add an element that really pops to everything look :]