Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

When most people think of parenthood, they think of the big things; like giving birth, paying for a college education, changing diapers, driving lessons, and so on.

My mom has shown me that being a parent involves a myriad of little things, too— an encouraging note slipped into my school lunch, the smell of fresh banana bread waking me in the morning, or a bouquet of wild flowers in my room when I came home for college break. Now, I'm grown up, and my mom doesn't need to write me a check for a school trip or drop me off at the mall, but I'll never grow out of my excitement for a box of my favorite chocolates or an email about a great movie.

A few weeks ago, my mom mailed me a page from a magazine with a brief note. It probably only took her a few minutes to tear out the page, address the envelope, and walk across the street to the mailbox. And yet, when I opened my mail I felt inspired, supported, and loved.

Thank you, Mom! For EVERYTHING.

ps. I'm definitely going to try out the necklace idea!

(Mother's day photos © Littlehouse of Style)


Christine said...

Oh... I love your mom! :]

Roz said...

This is such a sweet post..
I noticed a sudden little surge in 'mothers day' posts, and suddenly went - "Aaah, have I forgotten?"
Then I realised we celebrate it at a different time in the UK. Panic over!

Thanks for your input in my debate. I read Vogue too, and feel that it is kind of a different world, but I suppose I have experienced parts of that world to an extent..

Oh, and I wish I could have seen the Nicolas Kirkwood/Rodarte shoes - they must have been an amazing sight!

Jane said...

This just gave me a warm toasty feeling. Agreed, it's the littlest things.

The Photodiarist said...

Moms are awesome. I adore mine and I can see you simply adore yours too.

Liz S said...

Oh, gosh, your Mum sounds beautiful. Love her little ideas. Things like this make a BIG difference in your life.