Friday, May 28, 2010

More Norwegian fashion

When I was in Bergen, I met this girl named Siri. She worked in a menswear store, and was helping my boyfriend who needed shoes for the wedding we were attending. We got to talking, and I told her about the blog and how I had been searching for Norwegian labels. I gave her the blog address, and a day later she sent me an email with a list of Norwegian designers! So awesome.

My favorite label that Siri suggested had to be Fam Irvoll. Anyone that counts "Alice in Wonderland, cartoons, toys, food, cakes, and candy" among their inspirations gets my attention.

The clothes are so out there and fun! Very Rainbow Brite meets pin-up girl. It's no wonder Lady Gaga has been see wearing one of her cake headbands.

Be sure to watch the videos of Fam Irvoll's runway shows. Don't you just want to be there?! I bet models love getting booked for this label.

Now, for some more everyday fashion from my Norwegian fashion connection . . . well, "everyday" for people other than Lady Gaga . . .

This is an outfit by FIN, based in Oslo, from their AW09 collection. This is exactly the kind of thing I like wearing in the colder months— I even have bright blue tights in that color!

And I just adore the pieced fabric on this top. That chevron pattern is so flattering.

This is a piece from FIN's recent SS10 collection. Perfect for the park on a hot day.

Another label I liked was Vatle I feel like all of these garments have a real party attitude about them.

This dress is perfect for a night out.

Shiny underwear . . . Perfect for a night in.

I also really liked Leila Hafzi, but can't you have larger photos on your site, please? All I want to do is see those gorgeous prints up close!

Thanks again to Siri for taking the time to send me such an awesome list of Norwegian designers!

(Fam Irvoll lookbook photos © billa baldwin via Flickr, Fam Irvoll runway photos © StigHoward via Flickr, FIN an Vatle photos from designer's websites)


The Photodiarist said...

I LOVE those first three photos! How do (did) you like Norway? I only went to Oslo and the Fjords.

Catherine said...

Norway was incredible! Everyone I met was so friendly and helpful. I especially liked my time in Bergen— it's this beautiful seaport town and looks just like a postcard. I would really recommend going there if you go back.

The fjords are unreal. It's hard to believe that places like that actually exist!

WeShop said...

Wow! Incredible clothes! You would have to be so brave to wear these though - they are works of art! xx

La pépite modeuse said...

Beautiful ! Your blog is great :)

Fashionistable said...

I agree with the Photodiarist, the 1st 3 pictures are amazing and so is the style. So imaginative. Xxx

Front Row Mode said...

Nice Blog you got here


Prutha said...

love fam's works...totally awesome!!

follow if u like what u see?


daisymay said...

Adorable! Love the cupcake dress!

Liz S said...

I love the Fam Irvoll fashions. Nice that someone can go where others dare not tread--child like fun and fantasy for adults to enjoy.
Enjoying your blog and it's variety.

carling said...

wow so inspiring pics! love it:)

little moon lover said...

very inspirational pictures the first ones.. very alice in wonderland madness.. I'd love to wear some of those in a costume party... I didn't know all of these designers you wrote about.. I'll check them out, the clothes are great..
I like your blog.. take care!