Thursday, October 29, 2009

Paris, it's COLD outside.

I know that flirty Spring frocks and strappy shoes have been breezing down the runways recently, but here in New York, it's just starting to get cold. It's kind of hard to get excited about the Spring 2010 collections with their open-toed shoes and sleeveless blouses, when I'm bundled head to toe in wool.

I've been looking at the Fall/Winter 09 shows again with more interest as the days get shorter and colder. And I keep on coming back to one, because I would wear almost every piece in the collection. Proenza Schouler's Fall line was most definitely made for me. My Fall/Winter staples of tights, tweed, and jackets are abundant.

So comfy!

Love the lines of this top and the combination of textures.

Such a New Year's Eve dress.

This top is so modern and the metallic color is gorgeous!

The olive-colored bag is such a nice accent.

I LOVE this coat. I don't even want to know how much it is because I can see myself forgoing electricity to afford it.

And the shoes! I think I need to do a whole post on their shoes...


Modelizer said...

I think you may have found the only Prozena pieces I like...but originally I thought it was Phi. So that explains my attraction to them. haha [the pre fall pieces, before anyone thinks I'm insane and would ever think Phi would put out the first few looks]

Kimberly said...

that coat is perfect. Here is a (slightly) less expensive, similar coat from Mackage:

Catherine said...

So, I gave in and searched for the coat online— $2,780... : (

It would take a lot more than forgoing electricity to add that to my wardrobe. More like a few months of rent... Yikes!

How about doing another line for Target, guys? : )

Catherine said...

Thanks for the tip, Kimberly! The silhouette is almost identical. And I even like the herringbone pattern! Great find.

Richard said...

interestingly the offset zips is making headway in men's fashion for S/S 2010, which is a real shame. It really works for women because of the continuity of the bustline, but for men it just looks like something a bro would wear to a formal.

Rich Lee said...

the suede w/leather trim is definitely reminiscent of KVA's leathers for Dior recently. I'm not a fan of the loose association with Chanel, but it looks better here than on the menswear (though robert geller did some interesting leather trim work, as did helmut lang back in the day.)