Sunday, October 25, 2009

Never was a Kodachrome Girl...

Everything looks BETTER in black & white.

(dress, Club Monaco)

(dress, Anna Sui for Target)

(dress, Catherine Malandrino, from Bloomingdales)

(trench coat, DKNY, from Daffy's)

(shirt, Ben Sherman, from Filene's Basement)

(coat, JaeYoon Jeong Collection)

(coat, Vertigo, from Marshall's)

(dress, Laundry, from Cohoe's about 7 years ago!)

(dress, Tandem, from Daffy's)

(Tunic, Club Monaco)

(dress, Catherine Malandrino, from Shopbop)

(Sweater, Club Monaco)

(Skirt, Byblos/Bergdorf Goodman, from The Salvation Army)

(all images © Littlehouse of Style)


Christine said...

Are these all things you own? I knew you had a lot of black-n-white in your closet!

Catherine said...

Yes, these are all in my closet— along with a lot more black & white! I just can't resist. It's so easy to wear and always looks chic.

Modelizer said...

I love love love these close ups. It reminds me to get back into fabric details for my own work. I feel like fabric is often overlooked but it's just as important as the forum!

Thank you for the input. I have no idea how on earth I'm going to get away with 4 days a week, but I agree there needs to be even further editing. Not every store should get the same amount of love weekly.