Saturday, January 16, 2010

She's got Hosiery!

(Emilio Cavallini tights from Daffy's, Modern Vintage booties)

Patterned stockings are one of my favorite things. I wear them at least twice a week. I buy them for my mom and girlfriends. If I see a new and interesting pattern, I can't resist. For a few bucks, they're such a fun addition to your wardrobe. You can layer them over bright-colored tights, wear them with boots so only your knee is peeking out, or with a miniskirt if you're feeling bold. I get most of my hosiery at Daffy's in New York. I've gotten countless pairs of Emilio Cavallini tights there. And at around $7 a pop! (orig $20-30)

(Emilio Cavallini fishnets from Daffy's, Dries Van Noten boots)

(Emilio Cavallini tights from Daffy's, Kathryn Amberleigh booties)

(Zac Posen tights from Gilt Group, Proenza Schouler shoes)

And of course, who can forget leggings? I prefer these knitted footless tights to the plain cotton ones— they're a little more sophisticated and I love the subtle pattern.

(Footless tights from Daffy's, Finsk platform heels)

PS. Up until now, everything I've shot on this blog has been with my little Nikon point-and-shoot digital that's over 5 years old. I can trick it into doing great things, but it usually takes a tripod and a lot of time. Having worked with a film camera for many years, I've been yearning for the ability to set my aperture and F-stop and control the focus. In short, I'm dying for a digital SLR . . . So, trying to be a smart consumer, I rented one of the cameras I'm considering for the 3-day weekend. This is the first of the shots I've taken. So far, so good. I think any of the trouble I was having has to do with my mediocre camera skills and the fact that I was shooting with the timer— good thing I know Photoshop!

(All hosiery photos © Littlehouse of Style)


Jade "Purple" Brown said...

those tights are fun, great post!

Julia said...

Thanks for your very wonderful comments on my essay. You made great points and have interesting ideas! It means very much to me that you'd take the time to respond.

I love patterned tights, too! I also love those Finsk shoes -- I've been wanting some for ages and ages!


Catherine said...

I ADORE Finsk. I wrote a long post about Julia Lundsten a while back. Her shoes are so special.

divine bunny said...

patterned socks are what i love.

and tights.
but mostly socks

Carmine said...

The pictures look great to me!!
Keep up the good work.


Modelizer said...

What camera did you rent out?

Honestly there are a few advance point and shoots [oh the days I long for a g11 in my hands but then I realize it's a want much more than a need and I need to resolve my DSLR issues with my 7D because we're not right for each other]

But back to the topic at hand, your shoe collection is amazing and so are your patterned tights! My mom just brought some over from probably 10 years ago [brand new, who knew she would store such a thing!] and is trying to convince me to give it a go. It took me like 2 years after the tight trend came back in to give them a go, perhaps I'll be less late with this one. haha

Catherine said...

I'm so glad you like my shoe collection. So funny you used the word collection, because that's what it's becoming at this point! One of my New Years resolutions is no new shoes for 6 months. I just don't have the room in my little apartment!

Moms know what's up. You should try the patterned tights!

I rented a Nikon D90. I have a 10-year-old Nikon N60 film camera (a high school graduation present from my dad!) and the flash and lenses work with the digital (although I have to focus manually). I also rented a 24-70 Nikkor lens for the weekend, because it's awesome and I could never afford it. : ) Would love to hear your advice on cameras!

Style Artisan said...

Wow, Catherine. You do have an amazing selection of shoes and boots. I think my favorites are the Proenza Schoulers. The heel is fantastic.

It is amazing to me how shoes have become like works of art. The clothing becomes almost secondary to them!

I'll be interested to see which camera makes the grade. Keep us posted...pun intended!

Michele said...

Whoop, love the tights!