Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dear Alexander McQueen,

I know this dress is already on sale, but if you could knock off another, oh, two thousand or so, I would really appreciate it. You're the best!


(Funnel neck dress from


Style Artisan said...

Yummy! I'll take one too, please!

P.S. I gave you an award yesterday because I enjoy your blog!

Tati said...

ohhhhh veryy pretty
and when you find it on sale for the 2 thousand dollars less make sure to call me :)
cute blog!

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i should probably write him a letter too!lol!

Catherine said...

Style Artisan: I know I already posted on your blog, but just wanted to say thanks again! : )

Tati & Jade: Maybe we can start a letter writing campaign to Mr McQueen... ; )

Tiffany said...

I like the collar.

ringtales said...

the escher like print is what amazes me, you almost expect a real bird to dart off the hem. totally chill.

Catherine said...

Ringtales: Exactly! When my stepdad showed me a book of M. C. Escher as a kid, I was totally amazed. I've always loved optical illusions and was definitely drawn to the dress because of the Escher reference. The print takes this dress to the next level— it really enhances the unique shape.

Mother of Style said...

Ha- I know the feeling. I just saw a lovely dress in Vogue for, oh...$5000, and I thought it was at least $4,500 more than I wanted to pay