Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A little Aldridge to brighten your day...

(Home Works, Vogue Italia, 2008)

(Spot the Fake, New York Magazine, 2006)

I think the gateway drug to fashion is photography. Long before I fell for Mme Grès, Alexander McQueen, and Prada; I was in love with Helmut Newton, Richard Avedon, and David LaChapelle.

(Le Manage Enchante, Numéro, 2007)

One of the latest photographers to join my lineup of favorites is Miles Aldridge. I went to one of his gallery shows back in June and loved the vivid and electrifying images. He's like Newton on neon! 

(Bang! Bang! Numéro, 2008)

(Minuit, Paradis, 2007)

(The Vagaries of Fashion, Vogue Italia, 2007)

(Just Married, Vogue Pelle, 2008)

The gallery show was in conjunction with the release of Aldridge's latest book, Pictures for Photographers. It's a gorgeous oversized art book that's printed on 2 kinds of paper. The printing quality is exquisite and the images sparkle. The first half of the book contains Aldridge's sketches for his photos. It's so interesting to see how he essentially storyboards his shoots before he gets out the camera. Do any other photographers do that?

(The Last Range of Colours, Vogue Italia, 2007)

(Lip Synch, The Face, 2001)

(Red Marks, Vogue Italia, 2003)

(Casting Couch, Vogue Italia, 2006)

(Bigfoot Lives, New York Times Magazine, 2006)

Do these look familiar...?

(All images © Miles Aldridge)


Sarah said...

That was such an incredible show! Thanks for bringing back color Catherine :)

Modelizer said...

The only Aldridge I care about ;)