Sunday, July 25, 2010

Do you take these shoes?

My good friend Lindsey got married last weekend. And when a good friend gets married, it's customary to offer one's help. If you're a baker, you make a cake. If you have a nice voice, you sing. So, being a graphic designer, I offered to design her invitations. I also offered/begged to help pick out her wedding shoes.

We talked a little bit about what she was looking for— heel height, color, shape, platform, etc— and then I started emailing her links. And sending her picture messages. And calling her from Lord & Taylor . . . and Bergdorfs . . . and Barneys . . .

Here are just a few of the shoes I sent her.

Of course Lindsey had good feedback:

I think those may be too glittery for me. I'm boring!

These are a little boring for me. I'm glittery!

Through a process of elimination, she decided she wanted metallic shoes with a hidden platform to walk down the aisle. (She also got sequin flats for dancing).

It was really fun hunting down options for Lindsey (and of course throwing in the occasional red herring . . . )

Only $332.50 on Net-a-Porter! . . . You don't like it . . . ? I thought it was totally you. : (

Of course, the shoes she ended up liking the best were totally elusive, but she eventually tracked them down.

I couldn't resist snapping off a few photos of the winning pair while Lindsey was getting her hair done.

The shoes fit all the qualifications she was hoping for, and above all else, she was totally in love with them.

(Wedding graphic and wedding shoes © Littlehouse of Style, Product shots from various websites)


Fashionistable said...

Oooh beautiful shoes. The pair she went for in the end were amazing. I also love the 1st pair in your list. Did you do the image at the start of the post? Xxxx

Catherine said...

I loved the first pair, too. So romantic. They are from ASOS. Sadly, they're out of stock now.

The image at the start of the post is from one of my old type sample books, and I added the little shoes. : )

ringtales said...

hidden platforms are the bomb, aren't they?

*i* loooved the first pair all the others are fun but the first one says "I AM GETTING MARRIED!"

Miss Kitty-Cat said...

I have the Christian Louboutin Very Penny's in silver and they are the shizz. So comfortable and very chic. They are a bit glittery when you walk, not just shiny!

B r i said...


Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

seriously, every shoe here is a favorite. love anything with a little sparkle!
xox alison