Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Frowny Face

I pulled my sunglasses out the other day, and this is what I found. So sad! I can't believe they're broken. I've had them for at least five Summers, which is probably the all-time longevity record for Catherine sunglasses. And I took such good care of them, too! I never sat on them once. And I actually put them in a case every time I took them off. See how there isn't even one scratch on the lenses?

It's not that they were investment sunglasses or anything— I got them for $20 at Marshall's— but they were one of the best looking pair of shades I've ever owned. And I felt like a rockstar every time I wore them.

Hmm . . . I wonder where the superglue is . . . Maybe I can turn that frown upside-down . . .

(Shades photos © Littlehouse of Style)


ringtales said...

you will for sure be able to fix them with epoxy cement

i know your pain, that is why i buy my sunglasses five at a time at the dollar store

anyone that has spent $200 plus dollars on reading glasses only to have them barely last two years will tell you, these things are not made to last

i have always thought that glasses/shades were the biggest racket ever

kate said...

Ah! I have the same sunglasses (bought at a Marshall's in PR in 08) and I also recently broke them. They had a great lens size, was sorry to see them go. Ended up replacing them with slightly more rounded ones from the Gap, also on the cheap.