Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's beautiful and I want it.

Good thing I didn't log onto Gilt Groupe's sale earlier in the day yesterday, because I would have seen this Alexander McQueen leather corset. I know it sounds insane, but I might have actually thought about buying it.

My desire to purchase that corset has absolutely nothing to do with the reality of my life. First of all, I don't have $899 laying around to spend on couture. Secondly, I don't anticipate EVER getting invited to an event that would warrant wearing couture. And I think my friends would die of laughter if I showed up for an afterwork beer sporting that get up.

But that's just what McQueen does to me. It's the same reaction I have when I see a Helmut Newton print or anything else that is beautiful enough to blind you from the price tag. Simply, put: It's beautiful and I want it.

I remember seeing this piece on the runway of McQueen's Spring 2009 show and was immediately drawn to it. The chestnut leather was such a nice foil to the soft flowing silk that populated the collection and the lines were so interesting and dynamic. There were a few versions of the corset, one resembled a finely decorated saddle, another was as sleek as a handbag.

If yesterday had gone differently, and I had logged on when the sale started—after having won the lottery—I would definitely have bought that corset. Even if only to put it on a dress form, and admire it endlessly.

Maybe that's the real definition of art: Something that's seemingly useless, except for its extreme beauty.

(McQueen Corset photos from Gilt Groupe and


In-tree-gue said...

I didn't even know that gilt group hada mcqueen sale!
the corset is dreamy and the color is delicious, I understand your feeling

Modelizer said...

I'm glad I missed this as well. I can't believe the price drop though! Sometimes [but I feel pretty rarely] Gilt has a truly great deal. Too bad they usually have such a limit of sizes.

ringtales said...

yes, it is breathtaking (maybe literally so?!)

old age (wink, early 40's) has made shopping easy. if i fall in love, and the children will still be able to eat when i'm finished i BUY IT.

life is short and the time to rock a leather corset is shorter still

i hope you get one

sacramat said...

It is beautiful by all means, but I am sure that you can find one similar,if that is possible. And wear it in Mcqueens honor. That will be easier than having 900 dolars, he, he.
By the way, I have just started my own blog ( in spanish ). Do have a look

Anonymous said...

Its realy HORRIBLE just to know that the Fashion Industry will never come across anyone else who has accomplished and changed as much as in this fikle industry as much as McQueen. When I sat and watched this show, I was confused. Confused mainly because- I wondered how can a person come up with so many beautiful creations. McQueen in his own way, changed the world of Fashion.

LoliTa said...

WOW! so do i

coco said...

ya its gorgeous. i also want some chaps! said...

exactly- its beautiful, but where would i really wear this? Clothing is art that can be catagorized into many levels. Some peces you can wear everyday, and other pieces are so beautiful, they should just be looked at in pictures, runway, costumes, etc. Wearing something like this could take away from it's beauty. I love all the corsets, but i think my favorite is the one shown with the silky creamish-white longsleeved dress with billowy arms, mock turtle neck, and white & yellow flowers. she looks like a flower!

Kay | Letterheads said...

I think the corset is really looks good, but you just need to find an outfit that will look good on it. Like how it is used on that fashion show :)

She Wore It Well said...

I love this

KALIN said...

Damn that corset is awesome!


Anonymous said...

Alexander McQueen Alligator corset up on eBay for sale!!! Now! 6 days left!!!