Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alexander McQueen

I just got a text message from my cousin, who is in fashion school, telling me that Alexander McQueen was found dead this morning. I was hoping to find a conflicting statement online, but when every source confirmed it, I felt my throat tightening.

This is devastating not only to the fashion world, but to all creatives out there. On days when I felt stuck with my graphic design work, I would visit McQueen's site and watch his runway shows for inspiration. His use of color and line was astounding, and the shapes and worlds he created rival those of Picasso. He was, simply, a genius.

We have lost someone great. 

“Now there are some things we all know but we don’t take’m out and look at’m very often. We all know that something is eternal. And it ain’t houses and it ain’t names, and it ain’t earth, and it ain’t even the stars—everybody knows in their bones that something is eternal, and that something has to do with human beings. All the greatest people ever lived have been telling us that for five thousand years and yet you’d be surprised how people are always letting go of that fact. There’s something way down deep that’s eternal about every human being.”
— Our Town, Thorton Wilder, Act III

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Sarah said...

This is probably the best post of McQueen's death that I've seen; the pictures sum him up beautifully, and the "Our Town" quote is SO appropriate.