Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Prada publishes

The first pair of truly amazing shoes I owned were a pair of brown suede Prada slingbacks. They were an extremely generous gift from a good (and fashionable!) friend and I love them to death. I have had them re-heeled more times than I can count.

There's something unparalleled about a luxurious pair of shoes, and after you careful examine a pair of Pradas you start to understand what sets them apart from less expensive brands.

With that pair of shoes, I fell for the brand. Now, each season, I pay special attention to Prada's collections. And wait patiently for sales. Last summer, I got the last pair of python runway heels in the Fifth Avenue store. They were almost forgotten on the toes of an upstairs mannequin.

Back in November, when I heard that Prada was putting out a book, I was thrilled. But when I read that it wasn't being released until February, I tried to push it out of my mind. No use obsessing months in advance. That's why I was shocked to find it among my Christmas presents. (My boyfriend had ordered it from Milan!)

It's absolutely incredible. My favorite sections are the photos showing the mohawk runway shoes being made, the layouts of the fashion shows, and the complete collection of their magazine ads.

Not only does it chronicle everything about the brand, it's a beautiful book. It comes with a sturdy slipcase that gives the impression of a fancy dictionary. The varying page layouts really highlight the work and they even go so far as to include pull-outs. Everything seems considered, much like the brand itself.

This book is made for someone like me, who carefully traces her fingers over every stitch of a handmade jacket, or wonders about the beginnings of that collection marching down the runway at Fashion Week. It shows you how one pair of beautiful shoes can start an obsession . . .

(Prada book photos © Littlehouse of Style)


Branding Is Blather said...

That's a great pictorial profile of the book. I must say I was somewhat amused by the matryoshka doll-like packaging when I saw this at Barnes & Noble.

The Photodiarist said...

I bought this book. Love it.